Street finally clear of smell from rubbish

AFTER enduring months of misery at the hands of flytippers, residents of Drake Avenue, in Worthing, are relieved to see the back of rotting rubbish in their street.

Wednesday, 14th August 2013, 2:08 pm
Ben Gorter with the mound of rubbish before it was cleared

Residents had complained to the council for months regarding rubbish left next to bins outside the Worthing Churches Homeless Project shop, which included food, broken furniture, and clothes. However, because the land is privately owned it was not the council’s responsibility to clear. This led to confusion among the residents and shop owners.

Ben Corter, 80, of Hamilton Court, Drake Avenue, Worthing, said: “I had seen a rat there and I was fed up with it.

“The smell in the warm weather was disgusting and the more that was left the more there was. It was getting worse and worse.”

David Cooper, 65, also of Hamilton Court, added: “We thought it was disgusting.”

After hearing how dismayed residents had become, a council spokesperson said: “As a one-off gesture we have arranged for the rubbish at the back to be removed and tidied and we will try and work with the shop owners to resolve this situation.”

Ben said a mattress, cushions and chair had been left since the clear up, however, they had been disposed of and the area was now clear.