Storm video: Worthing lightning filmed from the sky

FEW people across the area would have managed to sleep through this morning’s storm.

Friday, 18th July 2014, 8:08 am
Lightning over Worthing, pictured by Eddie Mitchell

The was a brief break from the stifling heat in the early hours, as the heavens opened and lightning filled the skies.

While some watched from windows, photographer Eddie Mitchell braved the elements and ventured out on Broadwater Green, Worthing, to take this video.

He used a camera mounted on an aerial drone to take the footage, allowing him to capture the lightning from a bird’s-eye view.

Lightning over Worthing, pictured by Eddie Mitchell

Eddie had to take a Civil Aviation Authority-accredited unmanned aircraft pilot’s course to be able to fly the drone in urban areas, with six months hands-on training on how to fly, several months’ theory work and a three-day Civil Aviation Authority course on weather, aviation law, aircraft physics, air safety and more, plus written tests.

The authority required a pass rate of no less than 80 per cent, and all of this was followed by a flying assessment. Additionally, flying in and around Shoreham is subject to clearance being granted by air trafic control.

Eddie said: “I have a licence and insurance for £5 million and also work with the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service as its air support at major incidents. I will be getting a thermal camera in due course to assist the fireighters at the scenes, and I can also fly at night, which is quite rare.”