Steyning parish "rave-up"? Full report

STEYNING parish councillors got hot under the collar at their meeting on Monday.

Thursday, 15th February 2007, 10:12 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:44 pm

The issue was not youth trouble in the town, nor was it the issue of car parking '“ but the name of the parish council's own newsletter.

The quarterly publication is set to get a glossy facelift and will also be made available online at

It was suggested a change of name should coincide with the relaunch, to try to encourage more people to read the publication.

Speaking at the meeting, finance committee chairman Richard Woodman said the chance was available to make the newsletter more attractive to readers.

Referring to the name change, he said: "I thought a 'newsletter' was something primary school kids produced."

Mr Woodman added: "We now have an opportunity to relaunch the newsletter in full colour, which will enable us to have photographs."

Mr Woodman's comments drew reaction from fellow councillors Phil Hampson '“ who questioned his remarks about the use of the word newsletter '“ and Martin Toomey.

Mr Toomey said: "Do we intend changing the name of this meeting to the Steyning Rave-Up? It is the parish council newsletter. It is intended to be a link to the activities of Steyning Parish Council."

Marlene Carman agreed more people could be encouraged to read the publication, which was distributed throughout the town, adding a lot of people simply bin-ned the newsletter.

"They don't always read it," said Mrs Carman. "Some people say, 'Oh, Steyning Parish Council newsletter. I can't be bothered to read that'."

Sue Rogers said a name change could lead to more people opening the newsletter. "I think it is the 'parish council' bit that is the turn-off. It is something about those words."

Also at the meeting was Rodney Goldsmith, who produces the newsletter at no cost to the parish council.

He explained: "It is just the general way of how the newsletter is developed. The content will remain the same.

"We have got the opportunity to go full-colour. Let's take the opportunity and move it up a gear. It will still say 'published by Steyning Parish Council'. We are not taking the name away."

Council vice-chairman Jackie Campbell brought the lengthy discussion to a close, saying: "We can't mess around with this any longer." She called for a vote, and councillors decided unanimously to change the name of the newsletter to Steyning News.