Special scooter gives five-year-old freedom

Five-year-old Ryan cannot walk or stand unaided
Five-year-old Ryan cannot walk or stand unaided

A LITTLE boy with mobility problems has been given help by a Shoreham charity.

The Budding Foundation has supplied five-year-old Ryan with equipment that will help him gain greater mobility and independence.

Ryan lives near Steyning with his nan as full-time carer and spends time at his aunt’s home for respite care.

Clive Gravett, who set up the foundation in 2013, said: “Born with small portions of his brain inactive, Ryan has a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

“While he is progressing well and has already exceeded every expectation placed on him, he is currently not able to stand or walk unaided.

“The equipment supplied by the charity includes a walking ladder with stool and a lay-on-scooter which is similar to a skateboard, with padding, which will provide him with the freedom to move around the house unaided.”

The family is looking for a bungalow to rent to make day-to-day life easier.

Mr Gravett said: “Ryan is a cheeky little boy with a great personality who loves life and desperately wants to walk and succeed.

“The charity has several other projects underway in Shoreham and Southwick and we are always looking for help with funds and fundraising.”

The foundation is a charity for young people, with the emphasis on helping those who have lacked support or opportunity at some stage in their lives.

Visit the website www.thebuddingfoundation.co.uk for more information.