Spare a thought for neighbours, care provider urges

PEOPLE are urged to spare a thought for elderly and vulnerable neighbours this Christmas.

Home care provider Care2Connect, which offers services across the area, is asking the community to spread a little festive cheer to those without friends or family with which to celebrate.

Director Peter Grimshaw explained: “As a home care provider, our care workers are out 365 days of the year delivering our services. Many of the people we provide care for are elderly or vulnerable adults – and for some, our carers may be the only friendly face they see on a daily basis.

“We’re urging the wider community to spare a thought and a little time for their neighbours at this special time of year. Christmas is a time of great joy, but for those who live on their own, it can be a sad time of the year as they remember those they have lost.

“Winter can also be a dangerous time of the year for those who live on their own and the elderly. Hospital admissions and deaths rise among the elderly as temperatures drop. Harsh winter weather can make it hard for people to get out and about, adding to their sense of isolation.”

He said it would take only a few minutes to brighten up someone’s day, perhaps by popping in for a chat.