Southwick stench and port pongs incense leader

Shoreham Port
Shoreham Port

A strong stench of sewage spreading across Shoreham and Southwick has drawn complaints amid reports of ‘upsetting’ odours at Shoreham Port.

Adur District Council leader Neil Parkin said a sewage smell – which had been particularly pungent in recent weeks – could some days be whiffed as far east as Hove Lagoon.

Southern Water believed the hot weather contributing to the spiking stink but Mr Parkin, of Southwick Street, Southwick, questioned whether issues at Shoreham Port were to blame.

He said: “It’s got worse over the last few weeks. In the hot weather my son had to close all his bedroom windows because of the stench. It was nauseous.”

Wet weather, meanwhile, has seen wastewater leaking out of gullies at the port. Tony Parker, the port’s director of engineering, said sewage had flooded areas of the facility on several occasions.

He denied reports staff had been sent home from work but said: “I don’t think anyone has been sent home but it is very strong in the offices which is quite upsetting for some of the staff working here.

“I have sympathy with Southern Water and I am absolutely certain they are doing their very best but of course it is frustrating we don’t seem to be able to resolve it completely.”

A Southern Water spokesman said reports of odours in the area were investigated last month, with ‘comprehensive checks’ on odour suppression equipment at its treatment works in order. A partial blockage found at the port on August 21 was cleared.

They said: “We’re really sorry to hear there are concerns around odour issues in the area and we understand that this can be unpleasant for nearby residents, so we try very hard to minimise their impact through a combination of different methods.”