Southern Water’s leak alarms cut water waste

“INTELLIGENT” water meters are saving 5m litres of water a day.

Friday, 16th December 2011, 12:00 pm

Southern Water has already installed the technology in homes in Littlehampton, Rustington, Angmering and East Preston, and the programme will be rolled out across the rest of Sussex, as well as Hampshire and Kent, by 2015.

Jon Crooke, deputy director of metering for the company, said: “Around 20 per cent of leaks occur on customers’ pipes.

“The meters we are installing are the most advanced in the water industry and include a leak alarm to help more easily detect when water is escaping from household supply pipes or internal pipework. These leaks are the responsibility of the householder, but to help everyone save water, we will fix up to three external leaks free of charge.

“We estimate that fitting meters with leak alarms across our area will save enough water to meet the needs of more than 37,000 people every day.”

He added that was the same number as it would take to fill Brighton and Hove Albion’s Amex Stadium one-and-a-half times over.

“The meters we have installed so far have already picked up in excess of 450 suspected leaks,” added Mr Crooke.

“The new meters are Automated Meter Reading (AMR), which means they can be read remotely by a member of our reading team driving by in a vehicle equipped with a special receiver and computer. This is a major leap forward.”