SOLAR ECLIPSE: Will you be watching as Sussex is plunged into morning twilight?

Day will return to night just three hours after sunrise shortly today as Sussex is plunged into morning twilight by a partial solar eclipse.

For several minutes around 9.30am the skies will turn darker, the birds could fall eerily silent and scientists will be all of a lather as Britain witnesses a rare collision of three astronomical events.

Partial solar eclipse NNL-151203-114200001

Partial solar eclipse NNL-151203-114200001

The first significant eclipse since 1999 will obscure more than 90 per cent of the sun and coincide with a Supermoon and also the Spring Equinox.

The eclipse will happen towards the end of the rush hour with many commuters still making their way to work as the gloom descends.

The event is made even more notable by the presence of a Supermoon – when the moon passes closest to the earth and is seen at its largest in the sky – and the equinox, when day and night are of equal length.

Many people across Britain will be attempting to video or photograph the event using specialist equipment.

However, across Sussex a thick layer of cloud will thwart attempts by astronomical societies and others with the proper facilities to view or photograph the event.