Skydive motivated by granddad’s condition

Emma Nunn with a photograph of her granddad D14181327a
Emma Nunn with a photograph of her granddad D14181327a

A SHOREHAM woman who watched her granddad suffer with a rare form of Parkinson’s for 30 years is raising money in his memory.

Emma Nunn, 22, will be doing a sponsored skydive on Saturday, May 31, to raise money for Parkinson’s UK, a charity that is working towards finding a cure.

“My motivation for doing this comes from my granddad, who in 1976 was diagnosed with ‘pure’ Parkinson’s disease,” she explained.

“My granddad suffered for 30 years with the condition, progressively getting worse, until on November 27, 2006, it took his life.”

Emma, of Surry Street, will be going to Salisbury for the charity skydive. She is also selling photos and craft gifts to boost the fundraising.

She added: “Parkinson’s is an incurable disease that comes in many forms, from movement-related symptoms such as shaking and slow movement in early stages, to dementia in later stages.

“I am aiming to raise £500 in memory of my granddad to help Parkinson’s UK work towards their goal of finding a cure so that people of the present and future may find hope in being able to do more than just manage a condition.”

Emma said Parkinson’s is most common in people over the age of 50 but that age is getting lower and one in 20 of sufferers are under 40.

“Unfortunately, the research doesn’t come cheap and the charity relies on people like us to donate and fund raise to help make a difference.”

Visit to donate.