Shoreham mum’s ‘tremendous pride’ in organ donation fight after son’s tragic death

Wendy has been raising awareness of the need for organ donation since her son Jack (right) tragically died
Wendy has been raising awareness of the need for organ donation since her son Jack (right) tragically died

A nurse whose son died in a tragic accident says she has ‘tremendous pride’ in continuing his fight for organ donation a year on.

Wendy Kane’s son Jack died in November last year after he slipped and hit his head while walking his girlfriend to a bus stop.

Wendy, who lives in Shoreham, said: “The hospital did everything they possibly could and gave him the best chance to live.”

Sadly Jack died a few days later, days before his 22nd birthday. However his organs saved the lives of four others.

Two years before he died Jack, who lived in Crawley, had made the decision to register as an organ donor and encouraged his friends to do the same.

Wendy, who works at Worthing Hospital, said: “In the whole scheme of this tragedy it gives me comfort to know that his death went on to save other people.”

This week marked a year since Jack’s death, but Wendy has not given up his fight for organ donation.

“I have spent a lot of time talking about and sharing Jack’s story on radio, television and social media.

“It gives me tremendous pride to carry on Jack’s legacy in raising awareness about organ donation.

“Sharing his story is so important and knowing that today four people are alive because of his decision to donate and sharing his wishes with his family.”

Prime Minister Theresa May recently announcement that a system of ‘presumed consent’ for organ donation will be considered in England.

But Wendy said: “I think regardless of whether they make a law to ‘opt out’ it is ultimately the family that will make the decision.

“There has never been an instance where they have gone against the wishes of the family, even if the person is on the donor register.

“It’s all about promoting awareness of organ donation and getting people to share their wishes rather than changing laws.”

To become an the organ donor, visit the NHS Blood and Transplant website.