Shoreham lifeboats called to ‘kitesurfer in trouble’ in Worthing

The lifeboat. PHOTO: Shoreham RNLI
The lifeboat. PHOTO: Shoreham RNLI

The Shoreham RNLI and the Coastguard were called to reports of a kitesurfer in trouble in Worthing yesterday.

Crews were alerted at just before 7pm yesterday (Wednesday, April 25) of a kitesurfer in difficulties near Worthing Sailing Club.

However crews were stood down after the kitesurfer reached the shore safely.

A spokesman for the Shoreham RNLI said: “While on a training exercise tonight our all weather lifeboat and the Shoreham Coastguard was called to a kitesurfer reported to be in trouble at Worthing.

“The crews were stood down when the kitesurfer made it ashore ok.”