Shoreham artist’s robots go viral online

Matt Whistler's international EmotiBOT invasion
Matt Whistler's international EmotiBOT invasion

A SHOREHAM artist has become the buzz of social network, Instagram, after he posted images of his latest creation.

Matt Whistler featured robot emoticons from his pop-up art gallery, Walk the Plank.

He said: “The robot heads, called EmotiBOT, are a modern-day replacement for the emoticon/smiley face. A friendly statement of the double edge sword of technology.”

Posting them on Instagram, the artist received more than 6,000 likes.

The idea came ‘one misty night before Christmas’ while he was on his houseboat in Riverbank, Shoreham.

“During a revelatory moment, I decided to art bomb my new range robot heads to the world, as a sentiment of peace and goodwill,” he explained.

“I hash tagged 60 major populated cities around the world on my new Instagram page. Consequently, the colourful, digital, pop art, robot heads went viral.”

It also meant worldwide enquiries came in about his new TV show, Matt Whistler’s Trip Out, which was on Instagram at the end of last year and seen on local television.

“Enquiries ranged from a Kung Fu master in France, to a Peruvian real hair wholesaler and a stockmarket investor,” said Mr Whistler.

“Who knows what the future holds, more zombies, street comedy, stunts and art and definitely robot heads.”

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