Sewer collpase causes flooding in Southwick

A collapsed sewer is believed to be the cause of a torrent of water flooding down the side of Southwick Green this morning (Friday, February 15).

Concerned resident Valerie Trevor, of Church Lane, alerted Southern Water to the “massive water leak” after seeing water pouring out and forming a “lake” on one corner of Southdown Road.

She said it was clear water and didn’t smell.

“It is coming down the eastern side of Southwick Green,” she added, “and there is a lake on the corner of the road.”

A Southern Water spokesman said: “We are installing temporary pumps to reduce the flooding in Southwick, which has been caused by groundwater.

“Groundwater levels in the south are at an all-time high following the wettest year on record in England and this excess water is finding its way into our sewers and overloading them.

“The pumps will lower the levels of groundwater in our sewers and reduce the risk of people’s homes and gardens flooding.

“Temporary traffic lights will operate between The Green, Watling Road and Grange Road while the pumps are in place.”