Search of sea after clothes found on beach

Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat Station on Kingston Beach
Shoreham Harbour Lifeboat Station on Kingston Beach

A PILE of clothes found on the beach prompted a search of the sea by lifeboat crews from Shoreham and Brighton.

The Shoreham all-weather and inshore lifeboats were launched at 12.20pm on Saturday following a report from Brighton’s beach office.

The a pile of clothes had been found on the beach in between West Pier and Brighton Pier, and a shoreline search was quickly carried out from Brighton Marina to West Pier.

In liaison with Solent Coastguard, Shoreham lifeboats and the Brighton lifeboat carried out an extensive search in the water between Brighton Marina and the West Pier, with nothing found.

The lifeboats were stood down just after 2pm.

The Shoreham inshore lifeboat was also launched at 10.20pm last Tuesday to a report of a woman in the water within the canal at Shoreham Port, north of ParkerSteel, in Southwick.

The crew found the woman in the water in distress and in difficulty, only just staying above the water line.

She refused to get into the boat but eventually the crew grabbed her and got her into the boat.

She was taken to the Lady Bee Marina to an ambulance crew, which was waiting to check her over. They drove her to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, suffering from hypothermia, and the lifeboat returned to the station.