Search for swimmer called off

LIFEBOAT crews were called to reports of a swimmer in distress off Hove on Saturday night.

But the search was called off after an hour because nothing was found.

Shoreham RNLI launched the inshore and all-weather lifeboats at 11.10pm. A search was carried out of the water, while Shoreham coastguard searched the beach.

The inshore lifeboat was called out again the next day, to a kitesurfer who was tangled in his kite board lines half a mile west of Shoreham Harbour.

The kitesurfer was unhurt and taken to the beach with his kite and board by the lifeboat, which had been launched at 4.35pm.

Last week, a broken down 24ft yacht was also towed into the harbour by the inshore lifeboat on Tuesday at 8.11pm.

The crew located the vessel with two people on board two and a half miles south east of Shoreham.