Scooter couple hit out at pavement quality in Shoreham

Alan Gordon wants the county council to address damaged pavements     'dm1506393a
Alan Gordon wants the county council to address damaged pavements 'dm1506393a

AN elderly couple reliant on mobility scooters have criticised the condition and design of pavements in Shoreham.

But West Sussex County Council insists no defects were found in a recent inspection in the town and that the model of scooter plays its part in ensuring a smooth ride.

All in all it’s absolutely horrid.

Alan Gordon

Since swapping their car for mobility scooters, Alan Gordon, 82, and his wife Sylvia, 76, said they have experienced discomfort while travelling along pathways.

Multiple deep cracks, a lack of dropped curbs and raised pieces of concrete are all hazards the couple have encountered.

Mr Gordon, of Hawkins Crescent, Shoreham, said: “I find that the pavements in Shoreham are dangerous and uncomfortable and the county highways department say that their standards are not being breached.

“I would like them to consider more carefully how they design the pavements and roads so they are a little bit more scooter friendly. They have got to do something.

“All in all it’s absolutely horrid. What you can walk over and what you can drive over in a small wheel carriage is quite different.

“I have to use the thing to get round Tescos to do shopping for my wife and it’s just painful and almost dangerous.”

Mr Gordon cited a 100 metre stretch of pavement between Impulse Leisure, in Kingston Broadway, and Next, in Upper Shoreham Road, as a particularly bad area with around 30 cracks across the path.

Mrs Gordon added: “It’s bumpy, lumpy and uneven. It was bad enough walking with the trip hazards but if you’re on a mobility scooter you’re finding you have trouble crossing the roads and getting up the pavement.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said all its highways were expected once a year.

He said: “Carriageways and footways in Shoreham were inspected recently and no defects that required attention were found at that time.

“With regards to mobility scooters, improvements are considered provided they offer suitable benefits for the wider community. However, we are aware that some mobility scooters struggle with even very small difference in pavement levels.

“We would recommend those who use mobility scooters, to ensure the model of scooter they choose will suitably cope with the local environment.”