School joins calls for reduced speed limit

VILLAGERS in Upper Beeding are hoping years of pleading for a reduced speed limit could soon be over.

Clare Trelfa, headmistress at The Towers Convent, in Henfield Road, has put her weight behind proposals to reduce speeds in the village.

She is calling for action near the school and supports an additional scheme through the village.

She spoke out at Chanctonbury County Local Committee, meeting at the Steyning Centre last Wednesday.

“There is a definite problem and concern with the speed of traffic coming down Henfield Road,” she said. “This causes a problem to traffic coming in and out of the school driveway.

“We are hoping the safety of the children will be able to benefit from some new signage.”

Committee chairman David Barling backed a reduced speed limit from 40mph to 30pm in both Henfield Road and Shoreham Road in Upper Beeding. There is currently a central stretch with a 30mph limit, either side of the roundabout, but the limit is 40mph past that in both directions.

He also supported calls for a 20mph zone or limit for High Street, which would not involve speed bumps.

Mr Barling said: “Beeding is unique in that it has got only three entrances so this is very easy to deliver.

“People can’t understand why one side of Beeding Bridge is 20mph and the other side is not. It is an anomaly.”

Upper Beeding Parish Council vice chairman Sean Teatum said the issue had ‘been around for quite some time’.

Castle Town, a hamlet in Henfield Road, was asked two years ago and all the residents were behind reducing the speed to 30mph.

Mr Teatum added: “There is also a nursing home, bridleway and walkers, plus families with young children moving in. There is a real need to reduce it to 30mph.

“The local community is happy to be part of the enforcement. We would really like to see some movement and believe something is really going to happen this time.”

Parish council hairman Simon Birnstingl said reducing the speed limit further up Waterworks Hill would help around the school. As for the village, he said a 20mph zone had been wanted for some time and debated at great length.

“What we want is to slow traffic down in Beeding and make it a more hospitable place for residents.”

Mrs Trelfa said she hoped some kind of traffic calming measures could be put in place.

“We are hoping we can work together and give support to reduce the speed limit into the village, bearing in mind we are on that dangerous road on the entrance to the village,” she added.

The committee placed both schemes on the Traffic Regulation Order schedule, on the list of issues requiring further investigation.