Scheme to help the homeless by donating socks in Shoreham

Claire Byrne, Natalie Butterworth and Adam Waterfall
Claire Byrne, Natalie Butterworth and Adam Waterfall

Residents are being asked to help keep homeless people warm this winter by donating new pairs of socks.

The Yorkshire Building Society in Shoreham high street is to launch its month-long Socktober appeal throughout October as part of its charity partnership with End Youth Homelessness.

Donations of new pairs of socks, plus other items such as woolly hats, gloves, scarves and toiletries can be made at the Shoreham Yorkshire Building Society agency.

Darren Giles, proprietor of the Yorkshire’s Shoreham agency, said: “It’s shocking that so many people have nowhere safe to call their home.

“A lot of us may take having a clean pair of warm socks to wear for granted but for a homeless person without a proper roof over their heads it’s the last thing on their mind.

“We can’t thank people in Shoreham enough for their continued support.”

The agency is also raising money for the charity by running a raffle to give people the chance to win John Lewis vouchers worth £1,000, £500 and £250.

Through the course of the Society’s three-year partnership with he charity, it aims to raise £750,000 to support over 700 homeless young people into their own rented homes.

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