RUNWAY DECISION: public take to social media to air views

The Government's decision to go for the Heathrow option rather than Gatwick has produced plenty of comment on Twitter.

Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 1:42 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:33 am
Arundel and South Downs MP Nicker Herbert's Tweet

There’s a great deal of support for the Heathrow option, but many people still think Gatwick will ultimately end up with a second runway.

“How quickly will we see any development at #Heathrow or #Gatwick - great news a decision made but surely both will happen.”

“It’s immediately apparent to most people that #Heathrow is far more accessible to most of the UK than #Gatwick. Common sense prevails!”

“#Heathrow announcement welcomed and I fully support airport expansion ideally at #Gatwick in the future too.”

“I remain optimistic #Gatwick will get the runway it needs to grow and thrive, #Heathrow is only the first step of UK airport expansion.”

Earlier, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas tweeted: “Our message is very clear. There should be no airport expansion at either #Heathrow or #Gatwick. #NoNewRunways.”

A view held by others: “#Heathrow #Gatwick expansion will benefit only small % of population while all suffer thru #airpollution.”

However, one person suggested this may be an ideal opportunity for Gatwick “Perhaps this gives #Gatwick a chance to be inventive & inspirational. Big long runway are so 20th Century. Build a 1,000m tall airship tower!”