Residents’ safety ‘is the top priority’

Residents in Penns Court, Steyning, are calling for action to improve safety
Residents in Penns Court, Steyning, are calling for action to improve safety
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A BID to improve safety for residents at a sheltered housing complex in Steyning has moved a step closer.

Chanctonbury County Local Commitee, meeting at the Steyning Centre last Wednesday, approved plans for double yellow lines at Penns Court, Horsham Road, Steyning.

The scheme was listed a top Traffic Regulation Order priority, which means, if it is approved, it could be delivered within the next three years.

Principal community officer Cali Sparks told the committee the Penns Court scheme had the best chance of being put in place as soon as possible because the technical information was already available.

Resident John Carter said Penns Court had 62 sheltered housing units and the residents were in their 80s and 90s.

“The priority is primarily the safety of the residents,” he added.

He said there had been problems with speeding traffic and lorries parking on the pavements.

Double yellow lines one side of the road are proposed, allowing for an adequate turning area.

Committee chairman David Barling it was a ‘very deliverable scheme’ and he would like to see it done as soon as possible.

The scheme was one of a number of A-grade priorities approved by the committee.

Ms Sparks explained the A-grade list were the schemes where the technical information, such as speed data and proven local support, was available, meaning they could be progressed more quickly.