Residents kick up a stink about sewage proposal at New Monks Farm

Residents filled Lancing Parish Hall at the meeting
Residents filled Lancing Parish Hall at the meeting

Developers and experts were grilled by residents about their sewage disposal strategy for the proposed development at New Monks Farm in Lancing last night (Monday, September 11).

The packed and lively meeting, held at Lancing Parish Hall, was organised by councillor Ann Bridges after concerns were raised by residents of Barfield Park and North Farm Road, who feared a new sewer connection would affect their homes.

Martin Perry, director of New Monks Farm Development Limited, told residents that Southern Water had come up with a ‘sound’ sewage solution.

He said foul flow from the 600 new properties would travel to a pumping station on the site, where it would be held at a storage facility before being pumped at a controlled rate into the system.

In an extreme situation, if the storage capacity was insufficient, foul drainage would be collected by a tanker, he said.

Mr Perry made it clear that surface water would be dealt with seperately.

For the new system, an eight inch pipe would be dug in a narrow trench through Barfield Park – which would require the demolition of a bungalow.

Mr Perry said: “I totally understand and accept there is going to be some disruption while that process takes place.”

In the land above the new pipe, it had been proposed to create a footpath and cycle path, but Mr Perry said the property could be rebuilt if residents preferred and if there was enough space.

Councillor Lee Cowen said it was ‘morally wrong’ to knock down houses.

Resident Frances Smith said: “We have a lot of problems with Southern Water in Lancing.

“The system doesn’t work already.

“Putting in 600 more houses is an obscene thing to do.”

Joel Hufford, from Southern Water, said: “I appreciate the anxiety about existing issues.

“We have no interest in any of these issues being made worse.”

He said Southern Water had already spent £200,000 to mitigate issues in the area, but added: “I appreciate there is still work to be done.”

Residents have until Friday, September 29, to submit their views on the proposed development.

The full planning application can be found under reference AWDM/0961/17 on Adur District Council’s planning website.

Another meeting will be held at Lancing Parish Hall at 7pm on Thursday (September 14) to discuss the development at New Monks Farm.

The event, organised by Tim Loughton MP, will also be a chance to discuss the proposed A27 improvement scheme.