Reports of assault involving travellers

POLICE have been dealing with complaints involving travellers in Shoreham and Southwick.

Two counter allegations were made about an assault on Thursday, August 14, at Beach Green on Shoreham Beach.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “One was from a woman from the traveller community, who said her six-year-year-old daughter had been grabbed and then pushed by another woman.

“The woman then reported she had been assaulted by the girl’s mum. Officers have spoken to both parties and various witnesses but neither women wanted to pursue any prosecution.”

On Sunday, August 17, the travellers moved to Southwick Green, arriving at around 11am.

The spokesman added: “Shortly before 1pm, a man reported he had been shouted at by travellers. No specific offences had been committed but the neighbourhood policing team, who were liaising with the travellers, were informed so they could monitor the situation.”

The travellers left Southwick last Tuesday but a group of seven caravans pitched up three days later and remained on the green on Tuesday.