Reactions to skate park withdrawal

Memorial Playing Field in Steyning, which has village green status
Memorial Playing Field in Steyning, which has village green status

REACTIONS to Steyning Parish Council withdrawing its Memorial Playing Field skate park plan have been varied.

Supporter Mike Kelly, of Kings Stone Avenue, said children should ‘not despair’.

But Friends of Memorial Playing Field (FoMPF) have called on ‘those responsible for this fiasco’ to resign.

A FoMPF statement said: “Steyning Parish Council has abandoned its MPF skatepark planning application exactly two years after we told the councillors all the reasons why the village green status of the location would mean that the skate park could not be built.”

The council issued a statement last week, saying the village green status was affecting not only the skate park but many other uses on the playing field.

Mr Kelly said: “The parish council will find it increasingly difficult to carry out normal support of the various clubs using the Memorial Playing Field.

“They will find themselves having to turn down simple requests such as the use of a bouncy castle for a child’s birthday party, or vehicular access to and from homes bordering the field to carry out repairs.”

Trevor Cree, of Jarvis Lane, Steyning, criticised the parish council for referring to FoMPF as a ‘protest group’.

He added: “If all else fails, a state-of-the-art skatepark should be the very first item on the Steyning Neighbourhood Plan that is at this very moment being developed. It really is time to move on.”

The parish council will speak further on the skate park withdrawal at its meeting on Monday, in the Steyning Centre at 7.30pm.