Queensway development faces delays

WORK to redevelop an important shopping area in the heart of Lancing has been delayed until the autumn, the council has confirmed.

The £147,000 Queensway and Queens Parade regeneration project has yet to get off the ground despite initial hopes it would be finished by now.

Plans were finalised in January and work was scheduled to begin in April.

But following a consultation with between councillors and business owners, the work has been put back until the end of September.

A council spokesman said: “This is to allow the council additional time to finalise other capital projects, avoiding stretching teams too thinly across the area and delivering a high quality finished environment by late November.”

The news will no doubt disappoint those campaigning for regeneration in the village, such as Lancing Regeneration’s Frances Smith, who said the news had left her feeling ‘gutted’.

“I am disappointed and fed up I did not attend the last delivery partnership meeting when I understand it was discussed as I was on holiday,” said Frances.

“I have been told it’s because the engineers are busy, but I think it would be nice if they were busy in Lancing.”

The final designs were reached following a controversial public consultation in which councillor Pat Beresford, cabinet member for regeneration, suggested the results had been swayed by what he called ‘two rather stupid and irresponsible people who should have known better’.