Pollution monitor in Shoreham experiences ‘electrical issues’

Councillor David Simmons with the new air quality equipment in Shoreham
Councillor David Simmons with the new air quality equipment in Shoreham

The council is working to resolve ‘electrical issues’ which have been affecting the new air quality monitoring equipment in Shoreham high street.

The monitoring station, which is designed to carry out continuous monitoring of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels, was installed in March to replace a faulty machine.

But the new equipment has experienced some electrical issues since being put in place.

A spokesman from Adur District Council said: “There have been a few electrical issues which we have been working hard to resolve.

“These should be resolved in the coming weeks.

“The data collected will then help advise our ongoing work with partners, such as West Sussex County Council, to reduce air pollution impacts across our communities.

“We take the issue of air pollution extremely seriously which is why, even though there is no legal requirement to provide continuous monitoring equipment, we have funded a replacement continuous air monitor at Shoreham High Street.”

Air pollution has been a concern on the narrow arterial road for several years and the road was designated an Air Quality Management Area in 2005.

Monitoring results from the equipment will be used alongside other evidence to update the council’s air quality action plan, which is being revised this year.

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