Residents reflect on upcoming bin collection changes in Adur and Worthing

Many Herald readers have got involved in the debate about the upcoming changes to bin collections in Adur and Worthing.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 4:22 pm
Zaren Minton is demanding a bigger bin

As of September 16, refuse waste will be collected every fortnight instead of every week.

Recycled waste will continue to be collected every two weeks.

Resident Zaren Minton has spoken out about the change, calling for the councils to provide bigger bins for all households who requested them – not just those with five or more people.

His view struck a chord with some readers.

Tanya Clubb said: “I agree with him, all this is going to achieve is people making more trips to the tip so more work for the staff there.”

Jean Constable said: “Agree, with a family neither bin is big enough. Also companies have to reduce packaging.”

But Jonathan Nulty said: “There are studies that show that if people are giving bigger bins, most people will put more in them...

“Other studies have shown that giving people smaller bins for their residual (normal) waste, they think more about what’s going in and put more into the recycling bin.

“I think giving people more or bigger recycling bins would be a good idea, but otherwise the crisis we have with too much waste and not enough recycling (or reducing waste) will continue.”

Carly Clark said: “I personally don’t have a problem with the refuse changes but that is only because there is only myself and my daughter in our household – people with bigger families or more people in the house will definitely struggle.

“I do however, think the recycling should be changed to weekly.

“Firstly to actually encourage people to recycle more and eliminate things that can be recycled being put in the refuse bins.

“I can easily fill my two recycling bins in the current bi weekly collections.

“I also recycle many more items that can’t go in the council pick up blue bins via collection points with recycling in Lancing.”

Stephanie Leigh advocated a positive outlook.

She said: “I think we need to give it a good go and see if we can make this work. Moaning about needing bigger bins seems premature.”

Others said focusing on individual habits ignored larger problems at play.

Neil Simmons said: “Since these changes came in we have reviewed our recycling habits and are trying harder to find alternative ways to recycle but until there are massive changes to how supermarkets package their products it would be near on impossible for a family of four to survive with only a small bin of each with the new system.”

Christine Gower agreed: “Really the problem us not the disposal of it, but the purchasing of it. We nee to get supermarkets and AMAZON to cut back on packaging.”

Tim Nicholls said: “We need food waste bins as some authorities have had for years. Not being considered until 2023!”

Some people said the changes would not be an issue.

Kerry Jones said: “I have one small bin and one recycling bin. Two adults and two small kids. One bag of rubbish a week and my recycling bin full every fortnight. It can be done.”

Elizabeth Joyce said: “As a family of five, we on average only use one black bin bag a week. So will have no problems with a fortnightly collection. We recycle what we can.”