Reporting potholes made easier by new West Sussex system

The number of potholes repaired across West Sussex rose by more than a quarter last year.

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 3:02 pm
the ‘breaking out’ stage of a pothole repair. The deteriorated area is then removed before the final stages of the repair work are carried out.

More than 20,500 road defects were repaired by West Sussex Highways in 2020 compared to 16,000 pothole repairs in 2019.

A West Sussex Highways spokesman said: “The county council is responsible for maintaining around 2,500 miles of road: A and B roads are ordinarily inspected monthly, C-class and main distributor roads on a three or six-monthly basis and declassified roads are typically inspected annually.

“Our highways officers cannot be everywhere, so the public’s eyes and help in spotting and reporting concerns are really appreciated.

“We would now welcome feedback from their experiences in using the trial, online pothole reporting form: this can be done by clicking on the ‘feedback’ link at the top of the website page.

“This feedback will help us to continue to make improvements, such as the changes made to produce the latest version of the form, which has been improved for mobile phone use.”

If a pothole is a significant and immediate risk to public safety, phone 01243 642105.