Podium finish for young racer Arthur on his first attempt

Arthur Allenby-Bryne in his Austin J40 pedal car
Arthur Allenby-Bryne in his Austin J40 pedal car

RACING in the blood has seen a budding Button get a podium finish on his first attempt.

Arthur Allenby-Byrne raced a 1950s Austin J40 pedal car at the Goodwood Revival festival’s inaugural children’s race, the Settrington Cup, and came in third.

His dad, Joe, of Southdown Road, Shoreham, said the victory was all the more sweet, as Arthur celebrated his seventh birthday the same weekend.

“It was something a bit different, and I thought it would be a bit of light-hearted fun,” said Joe.

“When it came to the crunch, though, when all the dads were there with all the kids, it all got quite competitive.

“There was lots of shouting and screaming from the side.”

Arthur was presented with his prize by Lord Charles March, of the Goodwood Estate, and Formula One legend, Murray Walker, took on the role of commentator.

Arthur had spent the summer holidays practicing for his big moment.

“We have been doing timed runs up and down the back yard,” said Joe, who runs Throbnozzle Engineering racing company from home.

By the time the race, which was completed over two days, came round, Arthur had perfected his Le Mans-style rolling start, and was ready to take on his opponents.

“He did not get nervous, we was just looking forward to getting going,” said Joe.

“There was a lot of waiting around, and he was desperate to get going. Because he had done so much practicing, he wasn’t worried about it.”

Joe, who said he had taken Arthur to his first race meet when he was just seven-weeks-old, said his son had really enjoyed the experience.

He went on: “He loved it.

“He had his little race suit made, and it was his birthday that weekend, so it really added to it.”

Asked what was next for young Arthur, Joe said next year’s cup was a definite possibility.

“If he hasn’t grown too much by next year, and can still fit in the car, then he will probably have another go,” he added.

“The car weighs a ton, and it’s sitting in the hallway at home now. Even though the race is over, he still takes it out for a spin.”

A television programme on the weekend, which took place on September 15 and 16, will be aired on ITV4 next week.

“I think we might be on it,” said Joe. “I would like to see how daft we all looked, screaming and shouting during the race.”

As his father had always been interested in racing, and made a living building engines, it was only natural that Arthur would follow in his footsteps.

“He has been to every Goodwood Revival since he was born,” said Joe.