PICTURES: Youth-led heritage project launches in Shoreham

Students are investigating the history of Shoreham and putting together an interactive web experience to illustrate it.

Monday, 19th March 2018, 10:07 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:23 am
Emma OConnor, heritage consultant for Visualising History in Shoreham, working with the project team at Marlipins Museum

Esteem, the charity for young people based at The Old School House in Ham Road, won a £35,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the youth-led digital history project.

Following an assembly at Shoreham Academy, offering places for 15 students, a group has been formed for the year-long project, led by Jon Rist, Esteem media projects manager.

Jon said: “The school curriculum has a huge emphasis on history but doesn’t really cover local history, so we wanted them to experience that.”

The Visualising History in Shoreham project involves the creation of a web-based digital journey through Shoreham’s history, utilising graphics, video production and some presenting.

The first of the monthly heritage workshops was held at Marlipins Museum earlier this month and digital workshops will follow to create the video.

Jon said: “It went really well with lots of enthusiastic children getting to handle and report on some really old artefacts.

“They really enjoyed it. They were looking at a selection of artefacts from as early as the Middle Ages, including a bone apple corer, ones from the port and from before the Russian Revolution. The used to bring ice over from the Baltic States into Shoreham many years ago.

“I was amazed, some of them really were on the ball and in touch with what things were, and one or two had done some research in advance.

“They were able to handle these objects. They ware all looking at separate items and each had to present their findings.

“The other half of the project is digital workshops to build an interactive web-based journey showing everything they have learned. They are going to be involved in the design and production.

“It is going to be an audio-visual experience and they will be leading the design, doing the coding and making the video. I am really keen to get the children working with cameras and graphic design. There will also be a presenting element.

“There is a huge amount of skill. It is not only about doing what you are able to do, it is about doing something you have never tried before.”