Picnic tribute to Kerry

FAMILY and friends of a trainee hairdresser killed in a road accident are to mark what would have been her 21st birthday.

Eighteen-year-old Kerry Moss, of Garden Close, Shoreham, died after she was in collision with a recovery vehicle on the A27 at Salvington, Worthing, in April, 2006.

Thursday, September 4 would have been Kerry's 21st birthday.

From 2pm today (Saturday, September 6) her family and friends will mark the occasion with a big picnic and charity fund-raising at Buckingham Park, Shoreham.

Her mum, Samantha, told the Herald: "It started off as some friends and family having a picnic in the park by the bench we had put up in Kerry's memory.

"But we are going to have a little marquee, there should be quite a few people there, and we are going to have a game of rounders."

Kerry attended Shoreham Beach First School, Buckingham Middle School and King's Manor Community College, Shoreham, before working as a trainee stylist at Synergie Hair Salon in Portland Road, Worthing.

Kerry was with a friend at the pedestrian crossing near Uplands Avenue, Salvington, when she was in collision with an Iveco recovery vehicle, which an inquest heard had been travelling at around 25mph at the time of the accident – about 11.20pm.

Kerry was taken by ambulance to Worthing Hospital, but died about half an hour later.

Following her death, a wall of the family home was turned into a pictorial tribute to Kerry, with baby photos to some taken just days before the tragedy.

Following the accident, colleague Sarah Papouis described Kerry as "much-loved".

She added: "There will always be a place in our hearts for beautiful, fun-loving Kerry and we will never forget her."

Passers-by in Buckingham Park will have the chance to join Kerry's family and friends in remembering her, and food will be available in exchange for a contribution to road safety charity RoadPeace.

Mrs Moss said: "If Kerry was here, we would be doing something on the Saturday for her, to celebrate, so that's what we thought we would do."


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