Pet shop advice saves dog who nearly died

Assistant manager Adele Cook with Caroline Maguire and her recovering dog Tessa D15031062a
Assistant manager Adele Cook with Caroline Maguire and her recovering dog Tessa D15031062a

EXPERT knowledge at a Shoreham pet shop helped save the life of a poorly dog.

Caroline Maguire’s King Charles Spaniel, called Tessa, had been given treatment by a specialist vet for pancreatitis.

But the rescue dog was showing no signs of improvement after six weeks of recommended food, so Caroline turned to Pets Corner, in High Street, for help.

“When I got her, she was absolutely starved and came to me with her bones sticking out,” said Caroline.

“She had been in for an x-ray and had developed pancreatitis, so they recommended a hard food.

“The dog was on so many different drugs like painkillers and anti-sickness tablets. Still nothing helped and I stayed up with her all night just holding her.”

As she lives in central Shoreham, Caroline uses Pets Corner regularly so she asked staff there for an alternative.

Store manager Sophie Cook recommended trying a small tin of salmon Nose2Tail and after just two days, Tessa was more comfortable.

“I was amazed,” said Caroline. “I can’t believe it was that simple, I was joyous. I absolutely thought I was going to lose her but she has continued to improve.”

Staff at the shop said Caroline was clearly distressed when she approached them for advice and fearing for Tessa’s life.

Assistant manager Adele Cook said: “It feels fantastic. We have got such an in-depth training programme and Sophie having been in the same position as Caroline, she knew what problems the breed commonly has.”

The tinned food recommended contains a blend of herbs, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

Pets Corner managing director Dean Richmond said: “We are so pleased we were able to help Tessa and that she is fit and well again.

“We are proud to be able to say that all staff at Pets Corner are pet care trained so when situations like these arise, they’re able to step up to the mark.

“At Pets Corner we really care about the animals and owners who come through our doors. Listening to concerns, giving good advice and showing support comes as part of the package.”

Pet owners are advised to always attend the vet and seek professional advice as a first point of call if their animal become unwell.