Worthing Stagecoach driver ‘refuses’ to accept this £5 note from mother

The note in question
The note in question

A bus company has apologised after a driver refused to accept a £5 note from a woman in Worthing.

On Monday, October 7, the mother and her daughter were waiting at the bus stop in High Street, Worthing, opposite Waitrose.

The area of the note that was damaged

The area of the note that was damaged

When she got on the Stagecoach bus, she paid with a £5 note.

But the driver refused to take it, as it had a small piece missing at the bottom.

According to the woman, who shared her ordeal on Facebook, another passenger offered to pay instead – meaning her and her daughter did not have to wait in the rain for the next bus to come.

The post was widely shared, with many users criticising the driver for the decision given how small the missing piece was.

The woman lodged an official complaint with Stagecoach and thanked the passenger who paid for her tickets.

A spokesman for the company said: “We’re sorry this customer had an experience on one of our buses that led her to feel she needed to raise a complaint.

“Our team are looking at CCTV to review the conversation she had with our driver.

“We have a clear policy that encourages drivers to check cash handed to them and ensure it is legal tender and our review will allow us to respond to the customer in more detail to achieve a satisfactory resolution."

On Saturday, the spokesman added: "The depot has been in contact with the customer and resolved the matter."