Worthing neighbours share £270,000 lottery win

Seven neighbours in Worthing have netted a share of £270,000 after their postcode was announced as winner with People’s Postcode Lottery.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 2:11 pm

BN11 4DP was announced as a winner of the lottery’s Street Prize yesterday (Sunday) Five of the neighbours took home £30,000 each, with a further two taking home £60k each, thanks to playing with two tickets.

One of the residents to receive a £30,000 cheque was Mick Lower. The 61-year-old learned of his win during a video call with lottery ambassador Judie McCourt.

After seeing how much he had won, he said: “Wow. That is fantastic. That is incredible. Absolutely fantastic.”

Mick Lower

The electrical controls engineer said the win came at a perfect time for him: “I’m self-employed and my van’s engine has just blown up! I’m going to invest in a new van, that’s the first thing. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The dad-of-two was also looking forward to sharing his winnings with his family and completing some renovations: “I’ll probably help my family, a little bit for my daughter and son will be my top priority.

“I can finish off some projects around the house. The top bedrooms we’re refurbishing and I’ve got to finish recarpeting it all, there’s lots of things I can do with it. It’ll all go to good use, that’s for sure.”

Mick was also looking forward to surprising his wife with the news. When asked how he would celebrate, he said: “We’re actually on a diet, but I think that will go out the window tonight! She’s at work so I’m going to do a celebration meal this evening and break the news to her that way, I think.”

Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt

Stewart Tidy, 51, was another lucky player to get his own £30k cheque. On seeing his prize, he cheered and said: “Fantastic! Yes! That’s brilliant, oh my goodness it’s great.

“I never expected to win anything like that. It’s the biggest amount I’ve ever won and probably ever will do!”

Stewart, who works for a utility consultancy firm, had an idea for how his winnings could be used: “It’d be nice to have a holiday. The Maldives have always been at the top of my bucket list. It was one of those things where I thought ‘can I afford to get there?’ but now I’ll look into it.”

The dad-of-two plans to take his family out for a meal to celebrate when he can: “Once we can go for a meal inside, I’ll take my boys and other half out for a nice meal. A nice curry somewhere! That’ll be a nice way to celebrate it.”

Penny Lane

Another winner to take home £30k was Penny Lane. As her prize cheque was revealed, the 35-year-old began to laugh and clapped: “Oh my God, wow! £30,000! That’s amazing. Oh my God. I can’t believe it!

“That was so surreal, seeing that revealed. I can’t believe it, that is such a huge amount of money.”

After the surprise began to sink in, Penny, who works in marketing, thought about how she would spend her winnings: “I need to get my hair done first off! I hope a holiday, and I’ll treat my family to lots of lovely things.

“My brothers and my mum are going to get a treat! I’m sure they’ll have a list.”

Stewart Tidy

There was one holiday destination that was first to come to mind for Penny as well: “New York, I’m feeling. I’ve always fancied going, I’ll maybe recreate the Sex in the City life!”

The other winners with the postcode were nt available to receive their cheques by video call or opted to remain anonymous, but their prizes will be transferred into their bank accounts.

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt sent her congratulations.

She said: “I couldn’t be happier for all of our winners in Worthing today, what a great surprise for them.

“It sounds like they have some big plans for their winnings and I hope they all go and enjoy themselves with the cash!”

Everyday throughout the April draws one postcode will be announced as a £30,000 prize winner. All the players in the postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they hold.

People’s Postcode Lottery costs £10 a month to play and there are guaranteed winners every day. People play with their chosen postcode and are automatically entered into all draws.

A minimum of 32 per cent of ticket sales goes directly to charities and players of People’s Postcode Lottery have helped raise over £700 million to date for thousands of good causes across Britain and internationally.