Worthing graffiti artist Horace responds after Kenny Tutt portrait is vandalised

The vandalised Kenny Tutt portrait in Warwick Street, Worthing
The vandalised Kenny Tutt portrait in Warwick Street, Worthing

The mysterious graffiti artist Horace, who grabbed Worthing's attention earlier this year after painting 11 portraits of people linked to the town, has responded after some of his artworks were vandalised.

Many residents were dismayed to find the graffiti tribute in Warwick Street to MasterChef winner and owner of Pitch restaurant, Kenny Tutt, had been drawn over in green paint.

Horace the artist at work. Photo contributed by Horace

Horace the artist at work. Photo contributed by Horace

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But its creator, who is known only as Horace, admits: "I wasn't too bothered to be honest.

"I think the painting had a good bit of time. There are plenty of photos.

"One of the good things about street art is it's not supposed to last forever.

"I think people get too attached to things. I'm sure they will get over it."

The portrait was even the subject of a council discussion earlier this year, when it was hailed 'a tourist attraction for our town'.

Councillors on Worthing Borough Council agreed to let the Kenny Tutt tribute in Warwick Street remain, despite the fact that it was painted on a listed building which meant that it technically required planning permission.

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Horace, who sought the permission from all of the owners of the buildings he painted on, said: "The fact that the council thought they could protect it annoyed me a little bit.

"I don't think it should be up to them as to what is painted on someone's walls. If someone does or doesn't want it there, it's their property.

"I planned to paint over it, I would have if I had got round to it.

"I don't think they should waste their time and resources getting involved."

Of all the portraits that had been vandalised, he said he was planning to repaint the one of Lauren Jones, the Junior World Champion for wheelchair tennis in 2013, on the wall of The Piggery eatery in Broadwater,

"The only one I was a bit upset about was Lauren Jones, because she's a local resident and I know she lives round there," he said, adding of the vandals: "It seems a bit of a stupid thing to do. They could have just done one of the other ones."

But he did not rule out creating a new version of the vandalised artworks - including the one of Kenny Tutt.

He said: "If Kenny Tutt or Worthing Borough Council give me a wall, I will be happy to do it somewhere else.

"It will probably be better than the first one as I've had a bit more practice now."

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