Wick land used for parking has been sold – and this resident is not happy

A Wick resident is up in arms over a land sale which he claimed has denied his neighbours from having free parking in their road.

Monday, 7th December 2020, 11:02 am

According to John Lawson, residents of Beaconsfield Road have been parking on a small patch of land owned by West Sussex County Council for decades, due to a lack of on-street parking.

But suddenly, Worthing-based parking management company GXS Services put up signs that said vehicles would be towed and owners fined £100 for parking on the land. This came into force on November 28, John said.

The 57-year-old said the decision had forced residents to park their cars several roads away and risk their vehicles’ safety or park in Wick Parade and risk a fine.

West Sussex County Council has sold land in Beaconsfield Road, Littlehampton with no consultation with neighbours. Pic: Steve Robards

He said: “My neighbours are all disgusted by the behaviour of the council.

“They were fully aware of what this land was being used for. There should have been some consultation for what they were doing, and what could be done for those who were using it.”

Usually, seven cars can be parked on the land at any one time, John said.

But with the space being empty, he said it was now attracting rubbish and flytipping.

He was trying to find out the identity of the new owner to see if they could come to an arrangement: “They could say, from 6pm you can park on it and at 8am you need to move your vehicles. That would help with the flytipping.”

He said the new owner would struggle to build anything on the land, due to the small size and the fact that residents would object.

A county council spokesperson refuted that it had allowed residents to park there in previous years, and said: “The land is owned by the county council and is being prepared for disposal as it has been deemed surplus to requirements.

“Parking is not permitted on this land and local residents do not have permission to park on this site.”