Wick Information Centre set to close after 20 years: this is why

The Wick Information Centre is set to close.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 5:47 pm
Julie Roby fro the Wick Information Centre with Barry Lane and Stuart Marshall from Morrisons in 2012, when the grant was given

For more than 20 years, the information centre in Wick Street, Wick, was a place to get advice, learn skills and meet other people.

But now, it will close in its current location at the end of December.

Thomas Robson, chairman of the centre’s management committee, said: “We are extemely grateful for all that the manager Julie Roby, the volunteers and previous managers have done through the information centre.

“They have helped to increase the sense of community in Wick and should feel extremely proud of all that has been achieved.

“Even though we are disappointed that we lack the further funding for the centre in its current form, we are committed to exploring new ways of serving the community of Wick in a manner which can be sustained for the long term.”

Mr Robson said that in recent years, the costs of running the centre had ‘increased substantially’ but had been met by an annual grant from Littlehampton Town Council, donations from members of All Saints Church, and a grant from Morrisons in Wick.

This grant is now complete, meaning the centre is no longer sustainable, Mr Robson said.

He added that ‘plans are being drawn up for future community provision in Wick’, and the Wick Village Traders will continue to run community events.

All events planned for the rest of 2019 will go ahead, including Wickmas in Wick Hall on Saturday, December 14, Mr Robson said.