Volunteers get green in Southwick tree planting event

Tree planting in Southwick
Tree planting in Southwick

A total of 30 saplings have been planted at a green space in Southwick, as part of a growing project to boost the tree population locally.

Residents, councillors and the MP Tim Loughton took part in the event, which was organised by Ricky Purnell.

His project, Tree Action, aims to get students from schools in the local area to get involved in tree planting and engage with their surroundings.

Mr Purnell, who formerly worked as a part time teaching assistant at Shoreham Academy, said: “I saw there was a need to connect young people to their environment more.

“I think schools can do more to help students do that.”

He will soon be launching a crowdfunding appeal to raise funds for tree planting schemes at schools in the area.

Donations from community planting events, like the recent one in Southwick, will also contribute towards the fund.

Mr Purnell said he was working with the council to identify other green spaces of public land where trees could be planted.

He said: “It just goes to show there are spaces to plant trees on our doorstep.

“You don’t have to be looking to plant trees in Scotland or Bulgaria, which a lot of projects do.

“What I’m trying to do with Tree Action is to give people the opportunity to do it hands on, to be a part of the planting, and potentially to be part of a care programme to take care of the trees.”

Follow the Facebook page @TreeActionUK for updates.

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