UKIP’s Arundel and South Downs candidate describes ‘enjoyable’ and ‘friendly’ campaign

UKIP's Peter Grace
UKIP's Peter Grace

UKIP’s candidate for Arundel and South Downs described the campaign as ‘enjoyable’ and ‘friendly’ this morning.

Speaking at the count at Bluecoats Sports Centre at Christ’s Hospital Peter Grace said he had been impressed by the support he had received from voters on the campaign trial.

He felt his message on immigration and its effect on housing and health had been very well received, with many people ‘disillusioned with the three main political parties’, with people ‘looking for a credible change’.

He said: “It’s been a really enjoyable experience and what I have liked about it is the fact that in many ways the other candidates and other parties have been very professional and friendly so there has not been any aggressive animosity.

“When you meet the Labour Party or the Conservatives you can chat to them and when you debate them at the hustings you have major differences but it’s done in a very professional manner without being hugely aggressive.”

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