Trying Worthing’s Whiskey Rooms after a fun-packed day with the kids: One Thing or a Mother

There’s nothing like playing a game of hide and seek with your children to make you feel old, tired and huge!

Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 4:55 pm

We’d been out in town on Saturday morning, so after having a break and watching Home Alone (definitely one of the best Christmas movies ever), the kids decided they needed to burn off some energy.

Despite the fact we live in a small semi-detached house, and there’s realistically only about 10 feasible hiding places, this game never gets old to them.

So off we went, and I was given 10 ‘seconds’ to hide. I use the term loosely, because what I was actually given was the time it takes somebody to say the numbers one to ten as quickly as humanly possible.

Long-time readers might spot Katherine's friend as former Herald digital journalist Sarah Cox

In that time, my aching knees only got me half-way up the stairs and I was found before I’d even hidden!

When I did make it further and actually attempted to find a hiding spot, I suddenly felt like a giant. I don’t fit in cupboards, under beds or behind doors. Basically, wherever I attempted to go, some part of my body was always left conspicuously in view. As somebody who likes to win, this was not ideal, but the kids had fun and I enjoyed delighting in their delight at this simple pleasure.

Ego over body size slightly bruised, it was time to get ready for a very different activity, one that was probably more in tune with mummy’s idea of fun.

That’s right, it was a night out with a friend to drink some cocktails!

The Grasshopper, in all its super minty glory

We’d both seen some very tantalising posts from the Whiskey Rooms in Montague Street, Worthing, on Facebook, showcasing its boozy hot chocolate, and realised it offered an extensive cocktail menu, too.

It scored extra points for looking cosy, so we booked a table and spent a really enjoyable evening sampling some delicious, and some, erm, slightly more unusual tipples.

We should have known a grasshopper would come out in a bright green hue, but the taste reminiscent of toothpaste was a bit more than we bargained for.

But don’t worry, a couple of chocolate orange and black forest espresso martinis soon took the mouthwashy zing away...

No need to brush my teeth tonight!

Whiskey Rooms was a great find and yet another great addition to Worthing’s vibrant drinks scene.

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