Talented young Shoreham musicians release a new compilation of songs

Members of the Shoreham Allstars collective. Photo by Dean Wilson
Members of the Shoreham Allstars collective. Photo by Dean Wilson

Talented young musicians from the Shoreham Allstars collective have released their first compilation of original songs since 2014.

The six track compilation has been written and recorded over the last four months by the various bands working with Allstars founder David O’Connell, who taught himself song production and mixing in order for the project to happen.

Featuring songs by acts such as Spirit Mouse, Chocolate Guftichumps and Thing of the Swamp – whose musicians have an average age of 14 – the compilation is entitled Original Allstars Volume 6.

The volume sees the continuation of a project that started in 2010 with compilations released by the collective every year and which, due to other projects taking precedence, stalled in summer 2014.

One of the reasons for the extended break to the project was the lack of a suitable venue for the Allstars to record so, in an effort to get it back up and running, Mr O’Connell used online tutorials and advice from friends in order to learn song production and a year later, felt the tunes were at a standard where they could be listened to and enjoyed by the wider public.

Mr O’Connell said: “It’s been a fun challenge to take on and a handy skill to develop.

“It’s great that the Allstars bands can be part of the whole process of recording their songs and that their thoughts, suggestions and opinions on how their songs should sound are listened to and acted on.

“We’ve already got the next compilation pretty much written and I’m looking forward to getting back on it with the recording of these musical gems!”

The songs are available to stream on Spotify and to buy on Bandcamp. Find out more about the bands at www.originalallstarsmusic.co.uk

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