Speeding incidents soar on Shoreham road after cycle lane removal

Shoreham community groups have warned increased speeding on one of the town’s main through roads is dangerous, particularly for children.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 11:07 am

Figures show the number of drivers exceeding 35mph along the 30mph Upper Shoreham Road has more than doubled since the start of the year.

The dramatic increase coincides with the removal of a divisive temporary cycle lane in January and the reopening of schools this morning (March 8).

Cycling group Shoreham-by-Cycle said the figures show safer cycling routes are needed to protect residents.

Pop-up cycle lanes on Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham. Pic Steve Robards SR201101 SUS-200211-170755001

“Upper Shoreham Road is a key route for many people living in Shoreham – particular children on their way to school,” said a spokesman for the group.

“People deserve to be able to choose cycling for their local journeys without being placed at risk from dangerous driving.”

West Sussex County Council recorded 2,185 drivers travelling over 35mph, eastbound, for the week ending March 7.

That compares to 1,003 speeding drivers in the first week of the year.

Even taking into account increased numbers of vehicles on the road, the proportion of speeding drivers has still doubled.

The numbers have been steadily rising since January, having remained relatively constant for several months previously.

A joint statement from Shoreham-by-Cycle and residents’ group the Shoreham Society has said the figures highlight the necessity of cycle lanes.

The Upper Shoreham Road cycle lane was installed in the summer as part of a Government scheme to increase cycling during lockdown.

All of West Sussex’s schemes were removed in the winter after widespread criticism, although Shoreham’s lane was the only one that led to significantly more cycle journeys without affecting traffic flow.

The relative success of Shoreham’s lane led to local councillors planning a permanent lane – but campaigners have argued the temporary lane should have been kept in the meantime.

A spokesman for the Shoreham Society said safer cycling is a key issue for local residents.

Too much traffic in and around the town was the greatest concern expressed by people in Shoreham who responded to our recent survey,” said the spokesman.

“People want fewer cars in the town centre and more pedestrian areas with safe access for cyclists. They want traffic calming schemes and better cycleways in Shoreham.