Shoreham residents come together to plant trees in public spaces

Residents in Shoreham came together this weekend to plant trees in public spaces around the town.

The event, organised by Ricky Purnell, saw volunteers plant saplings at the Adur Recreation Ground on Saturday morning and at Buckingham Park in Shoreham on Sunday morning.

Tree planting at the Adur Recreation Ground

Tree planting at the Adur Recreation Ground

Mr Purnell said: “This is all part of an application I made to the Woodland Trust a few months ago to get some free trees.

“I liaised with the local authority to find out where we could plant them.

“I hope this is just the start of many projects that we will be doing next year, particularly in schools.

“I’ve already been speaking to someone about other places in hospitals and care units.

“I think this is obviously great for reducing CO2 and meeting those targets, but also great for everyone’s health, so I’m looking forward to it.”

The event coincided with National Tree Planting Week.

Elsewhere in Shoreham, students at the Shoreham Academy planted 30 saplings around the school grounds – {Shoreham Academy students plant saplings on National Tree Planting Week– in pictures|read more here.}

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