RAF Air Cadets: Shoreham squadron announces date for recruitment evening

Shoreham air cadets are going from strength to strength, having fully reopened for face-to-face activities after continuing to enjoy virtual experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tuesday, 31st August 2021, 5:21 pm

The 1440 Shoreham-by Sea Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets was the first squadron in Sussex Wing to reopen when restrictions allowed and is now able to hold a recruitment evening.

RAF Air Cadets is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year as the world’s premier aviation-focussed youth organisation.

With its origins in the Air Defence Cadet Corps, established in 1938 as Britain began to prepare for war, the Air Training Corps was formally established by Royal Warrant on February 5, 1941.

Newly-recruited 1440 (Shoreham) Squadron air cadets with their basic first aid certificates. Picture: Flying Officer Naomi Easterbrook, officer commanding 2021 Crown Copyright

In March 2020, the Shoreham squadron closed its doors for the first time in its history and began a period of virtual training.

Sgt George Morris said: “During this time, all face-to-face activity was suspended across all 900 squadrons nationwide. This was an opportunity to train differently and cadets had great fun learning about aerobatics, sign language and website building, with plenty of quizzes and scavenger hunts thrown in for good measure.

“Cadets also still had access to virtual courses in radio and cyber skills, and many carried on with their classification syllabus training alongside their school work to achieve their aviation studies BTECs offered by the organisation.

“In September, we were delighted to be the first squadron in Sussex Wing to reopen following six months of online training. After a huge volunteer effort, the squadron was made Covid-safe, with new procedures in place to ensure we keep our personnel as safe as possible.

“Whilst certain activities have been restricted due to social distancing, we have been able to continue training with adaptations in place. The return to face-to-face was met with great excitement from cadets as it meant they could get back to enjoying all the things that the organisation offers them.

“Having successfully reopened, the past six months have seen Cadets go from strength to strength, with promotions being awarded in October and July, and a new intake of recruits being formally accepted into the organisation at the beginning of August after starting in January.”

The 1440 Squadron is currently recruiting, Cadets can join from the time they start in year eight at school up until the age of 17. Cadets can, on application, stay until the age of 20.

The squadron recruitment evening will be held on Thursday, September 16. Visit www.1440sqn.org and fill in the online contact form highlighted on the home page.

Air Cadets enjoy a range of exciting opportunities, including gliding, air experience flying, adventurous training and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The organisation offers, at no extra cost to the cadets, nationally-recognised qualifications in first aid, adventurous training and outdoorsmanship along with BTEC qualifications from CVQO in music performance, aviation studies, and personal development and teamwork.