Love Island: This is why Amy Hart left the villa

Amy Hart from Worthing has left Love Island. This is how and why she left.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 10:47 pm
Amy telling the islanders she will be leaving. Picture: ITV

On Monday, it was announced that the 26-year-old air hostess had decided to leave the villa following the break up of her relationship with Curtis, who seemed to be getting closer with fellow contestant Maura Higgins.

Monday's episode ended with Amy and Curtis in the bottom three couples after being put to a public vote, and Jourdan and Danny were sent home with the fewest votes.

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Amy telling the islanders she will be leaving. Picture: ITV

At the beginning of Tuesday's episode, the other couples had to vote to save one of the two remaining couples. Amy and Curtis were saved by four votes to one, with former favourite Lucie and her partner George being sent home.

Afterwards, Amy said: "Tonight has been the best thing that could have happened for me because it has made me appreciate the fact that I had an amazing four weeks with Curtis and it has ended.

"But it happened, and I am glad it happened, because I was glad at the time."

Amy pulled Curtis to one side for a chat. Picture: ITV

She added: "I'm going to find love again; a second love. Because the first love is always [rubbish] isn't it?

The following day, she pulled Curtis to one side and announced she would be leaving because she was still in love with him and she wanted him to be able to pursue someone else in the villa while she got over him.

She said: "If we can't take a really meaningful friendship from this, what was the point of the whole first four weeks? So let me go and I'm going to let you go.

"I'm going to let you pursue whoever you want and find whatever it is you are looking for, because you can't do that with me here and I can't heal while I am living in the same house as you."

Amy had to fight back the tears while telling Curtis she still loved him, but she had to leave

Curtis pleaded with her to stay, but Amy stayed firm.

While holding hands and crying together, she said: "I hope you find someone that makes you so, so happy."

She told the cameras in the beach hut: "I never thought I would fall in love, so it makes me realise that it will happen for me again. Just not in here."

Amy then announced her decision to her friends around the fire pit.

Amy and a tearful Curtis embrace after their chat. Picture: ITV

She said: "I have made some of the best friends I have ever, ever had. My first taste of motherhood has been brilliant and I love you all dearly as my children.

"I want to leave in a positive way, surrounded by people I love, like this. So I will be leaving the villa."

The emotional announcement left many islanders in tears.

Amber described Amy as her 'comfort blanket', adding: "We are total opposites but we got on so well."

Molly-Mae, arguably Amy's best friend in the villa, added: "Me and Amy are like that in here, and I didn't see that coming."

A tearful Curtis later told the other islanders: "I did like the girl. I know I didn't fake any of it.

Amy was at peace with her decision when she left the show. Picture: ITV

In a Beach Hut confessional, he said: "The girl was special. Even though it didn't work out the way I thought it was going to, she still meant a lot to me."