Lancing UKIP councillors defend staying with the party after Tommy Robinson backlash

Lancing UKIP councillors have defended sticking with the party in the face of several parish-level resignations by his colleagues.

Earlier this month, four Lancing parish councillors left the party, citing frustrations with its national direction and support for controversial figure Tommy Robinson.

Mick Clark

Mick Clark

UKIP’s stance going into Brexit negotiations attracted a swell of new recruits and Manor ward (North) councillor Mick Clark said he would be sticking with the party for that reason.

“I have been a member of UKIP since 2004 and will be staying a member until my last breath on this Earth,” he said.

“I believe in the cause of removing the UK from the evil clutches of the EU.

“It is time we as a nation took back control of our destiny, our future and our children’s futures.”

Referencing the defectors’ rejection of Tommy Robinson, Mr Clark said party policies are not driven by individuals outside the party – Tommy Robinson is not a UKIP member – but by its 26,000 members.

He cryptically said Mr Robinson had been advising the leadership ‘of an issue that he has knowledge in’.

He added: “One day in the not too distant future, a majority of genuine British people will look at UKIP and recognise that we are not far right, but simply plain right,” he said.

Fellow parish councillor Robin Monk said it was his duty to stay as a UKIP councillor, as he was elected on a UKIP mandate.

“The residents of my ward, Churchill, voted me in as UKIP councillor, so how can I change their decision without consulting them?” he said.

“This decision to leave UKIP seems to me to be totally undemocratic.”

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