Injured puppy search in Goring ends in joy as Pebbles is found after two days

Pebbles the dog, and inset, the fields in Goring which were searched
Pebbles the dog, and inset, the fields in Goring which were searched

The search for an injured puppy in Goring had a happy ending this afternoon after it was reunited with its owner.

Catherine Humphrey said her 10-month-old cavachon Pebbles got out of her garden in Coleridge Crescent in Goring at around 3pm on Tuesday, August 20, and was hit by a car on the A259 before running into the fields nearby.

Members of the public who saw her appeal on Facebook joined the search for Pebbles, and Catherine even offered a reward for her safe return.

But this afternoon, at 2pm, Catherine found her puppy in a wooded area at the back of houses along Goring Street, trapped behind a wire fence.

The 68-year-old Ireland native went to the spot where her relatives had seen some blood during earlier searches. She said: "Today I decided I would go there and have a look, and I took Pebbles' mother and brother with me too, and I was calling for her and looking under the hedges and bushes. The next thing I know, there she was in front of me.

"My husband lent over the fence and got her out.

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her; I think it was my distinctive voice that she recognised."

They took their pet to Heene Road Vets, where the vet noticed that her hind paw had been injured. She will be having x-rays on the paw and her wounds will be cleaned, Catherine said.

She said she could 'smile again' now Pebbles had been found, and wanted to thank the community for helping her. She said: "I couldn't thank them enough for everything they have done. People are fantastic."