Elmo helmet motorcyclist spotted in Shoreham reveals their identity

A mysterious motorcyclist seen wearing an Elmo helmet in Shoreham has revealed their identity.

On Wednesday, July 31, the biker - clad in black leathers and the red, fuzzy helmet cover - caused a stir driving along Brighton Road at around 6.45pm.

And now, Dave Westlake from Hove has confirmed he is the man behind the mask.

One of his partner's neighbours spotted the story on our website and said the description was 'Dave down to a tee', so he showed him the article.

"I was actually in tears reading about it; I was crying so much with laughter," Dave said.

The reason the Honda CBR Fireblade 1000 owner wore the cover was not so funny however.

After having a motorcycle accident two years ago outside the County Cricket Ground in Hove, three months after passing his test, the 41-year-old said he was left with a 'smashed up leg' that needed three operations to fix.

Struggling to leave the house, the incident arguably had a worse effect on his mental health, despite the support of his partner, who lives in Shoreham and Dave described as 'his rock'.

He said: "I was in a bad place at the time, struggling with depression and anxiety. I couldn't move, I couldn't walk far. I thought: 'how can I make people smile, and make myself feel good?

"I started wearing it around Brighton, and got a lot of good looks from people, especially the Chinese tourists with their cameras. They love it."

He said it also makes him more visible to other road users - and a fair few pedestrians too.

"It is good to see the kids smiling, and it is a great bird puller.

"It helps me, and it makes other people feel good. That is the main reason I do it."

The helmet could attract the wrong kind of attention - but Dave said he had not had any problems with the authorities.

He said: "The police think it is brilliant. I haven't been pulled over yet, but some of them look at you weirdly, like 'what are you doing?'"

The Sesame Street character's cover was not the only helmet cover he owned; he had bought several other fluffy accessories from eBay.

"I got one from Poland which was a bit rubbish, but the ones made here are a bit more decent," he added.

Dave also imparted some life wisdom to our readers.

He said: "Don't worry about what other people think of you. Enjoy your own life and what makes you happy."