Dogs Trust Shoreham Dog of the Week: Alice seeks a caring owner

Alice the sweet lurcher
Alice the sweet lurcher

Alice is a sweet and smart lurcher in need of some training to work on social skills

The female lurcher is seeking a loving, adult-only home with no other pets and a spacious, securely fenced garden. The house must also be no more than 45 minutes away from Dogs Trust’s Shoreham rehoming centre.

Rehoming centre manager Tracy Rae said: ““Alice has a lot of love to give, she is bouncy and cheeky. She’s a friendly girl who appreciates the company and affection of familiar people, but also enjoys taking some time to her self and relaxing with a tasty chew.

“She is an active dog with a super-smart brain and will suit a family who can provide her with lots of enrichment.”

Alice currently needs training to help develop better social skills and will need to be walked in quieter areas.

To find out more, contact Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576 or visit Dogs Trust Shoreham based at Brighton Road, Shoreham.