Councillor turns ‘down at heel’ Shoreham corner into an ‘attractive space’

A Shoreham councillor has improved an unloved piece of ‘no man’s land’ in Brunswick Road by fixing up a bench and putting in place a new bamboo plant.

Catherine Arnold, who represents St Mary’s ward, wanted to make the small square to the left of the entrance to the sorting office ‘a nice place to sit and enjoy a chat’.

Councillor Catherine Arnold by the bench and new plant in Brunswick Road

Councillor Catherine Arnold by the bench and new plant in Brunswick Road

The piece of land had been home to two ‘ramshackle’ benches, one of which had been vandalised with pink paint.

When Mrs Arnold’s efforts to find out who was responsible for the land proved fruitless, she decided to take the future of the ‘no man’s land’ into her own hands.

She said: “What people have been saying is that little pockets in St Mary’s ward are looking a bit down at heel, needing a bit of a tidy up and a bit more civic pride.”

She got in contact with Mark Oakley of Any Gardens, who volunteered to fix one of benches by recycling parts from the other one.

B&Q in Shoreham then donated a new bamboo plant for the corner, which Mrs Arnold potted used recycled tyres from Kwik Fit.

She said: “There are very few places in central Shoreham to sit down and relax.

“A lot of people have said thanks for tidying it up. It’s an attractive space now.”

Mrs Arnold she said was pleased to be able to reuse and recycle materials to improve the area at a low cost, adding: “There’s very little money in Adur District Council for items like this at the moment.”

She is now looking for a business to sponsor a second bench for the site.

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