Bognor toilet incident: East Preston man thanks rescuers

Public toilets near Morrison's in Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Streetview
Public toilets near Morrison's in Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Streetview

Following what were described as 'several anxious minutes', a man who found himself trapped in a public loo has given thanks to the men that saved him.

Martin Carter relived the moment he was rescued after accidentally locking himself in a public toilet near Morrison's in Bognor.

The East Preston resident: "On Wednesday morning, desperate to visit the loo I dashed into the public facility just by the side of Morrison's in Bognor Regis. In my haste I dashed into a cubicle, shut the door and slid the bolt to lock it.

"I was blissfully unaware until this man had done what this man had to do that the part of the bolt used to unlock the door was actually missing.

"When I tried to unlock the door with nothing but a blunt finger, the lock wouldn’t move and, bereft of a biro let alone a nail file, a pen knife or indeed any other suitable implement, I had nothing to open it with and was thus trapped.

"Hearing the hand washer start up I shouted out to the unseen gentleman there and explained my plight. He offered to go and find help.

"Several anxious minutes passed before help arrived in the form of three suitably large gents who shoulder barged the door, breaking the lock and setting me free.

"They left before I had a chance to really thank them, so please would you publish my heartfelt thanks to these guys as well as my unqualified apology to the local council, assuring the latter that breaking the lock certainly was a 'here and now' moment necessity the repair of which I hereby offer to pay for — it was certainly not an act of deliberate vandalism."